It’s not often at all that we do what we’re about to do, so brace yourselves.

A recommendation from us to you

We want to recommend a supplier from our business to yours (Completely unsponsored – we just think he’s brilliant).

If you are looking for business IT services then look no further than New Wave IT Consulting, run by Paul Turner who has many years’ worth of experience providing support to businesses in the Yorkshire area.

Having been incredibly fortunate to work with Paul for our IT stuff for years we thought it was time we  thanked him appropriately.  He’s saved our bacon on many occasions under the umbrella of a previous employer. Here at Your Local Link our business depends on PCs and Macs to produce our publications, Paul supports both these systems and having both systems covered by a single point of contact makes our life so much easier.  Whether it’s PCs in the Sales team or Macs in the Design office we know that same high level of support is available for all of them.

For ages we’ve said that Paul should branch out on his own so he could provide the kind of service and support that he would like. He’s finally gone and launched his own IT business and we’re pretty chuffed about it too.

Here’s what we think you should know about Paul: 

• He’s unflappable

• He talks to us in a language we can understand.

• He has always given us advice that is the best for us, not his bank balance.

• There is not a single tech question he has not been able to answer or fix within a day.
• You always get him so you don’t have to explain what’s wrong five times.

He is looking to take on a few good customers now he has set up on his own. We would thoroughly recommend him. If you are a small to medium sized company based in York, Scarborough, Driffield or Bridlington (and all places in between) and need reliable, effective and hassle free tech support then he’s your man.
We just believe in what he can do and would recommend him to our customers.